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About Curry Blake

Hotsermons - about Curry Blake

Excerpt from: "The Azusa Street Revival" by Roberts Liardon - P.204-205

"Although he (Lake) founded a number of institutions, they never gained the widespread prominence of other similar ministries. His daughter, Gertrude, and her husband, Wilford Reidt, carried on his ministry until late in their lives when they officially passed the ministry to a young minister named Curry Blake. Blake had been run over by a car as a baby, but while in the hospital, his mother prayed for him and he miraculously recovered with barely any sign of what was thought to be a life-threatening injury. Unknown to the Blake family at the time, this event occurred exactly 25 years after Lake had given a prophecy about a successor who would come 25 years later. Blake has begun to rebuild Lake's ministries and vision. Many claim Lake as a spiritual influence, but Blake's success in the healing ministry, as well as the extent of his vision of Christianity is uniquely reminiscent of Lake himself."

Born April 1, 1959 in Jasper, Texas, USA. At 17 months of age Curry was hit by an automobile in the driveway of his grandparentís home. Curry's father did not see him as he was backing out. The car ran over his head, ripping his right ear off. The car's wheel pinched his scalp to the point that it ripped from his right ear to his left ear. This ripping caused his scalp to be pulled down across his forehead to the top of his eyes.

Curry's grandfather came out of the house, picked Curry up, picked up his ear, put him in his truck and drove him to the hospital. The doctor's told Curry's mother to buy a casket and plan his funeral because there was no way he could survive such extensive brain damage.

Curry's mother, a Pentecostal, began to pray. -

- Reference link: jglm.org
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